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Chapter 7 bankruptcy, commonly referred to as straight bankruptcy, is often the best option for persons with large amounts of credit card debt, medical bills, or a huge judgment from the foreclosure of a residence.

A person’s bankruptcy estate consists of exempt property and of non-exempt property. One of the primary duties of your bankruptcy attorney is to make sure that as much of your property as possible is exempt from creditors after the bankruptcy is filed - so you get to keep what you own.

A person can almost always keep their car and other valuable items by properly utilizing the exemption law or by reaffirming the debt on secured items of property.  Bankruptcy attorney Tom Hutton will take as much time as necessary with his clients to develop a plan for optimizing a bankruptcy filing that is the most beneficial for the client as possible.

The entire process takes 3 to 5 months to complete from the point that you first consult with bankruptcy attorney Thomas M. Hutton. Each step of the way, Mr. Hutton handles your bankruptcy case with professionalism and the expertise that only a true attorney can.

During your free consultation, bankruptcy attorney Tom Hutton will examine your financial situation in depth and answer all of your questions regarding how a bankruptcy can solve your financial problems.

You will receive detailed answers to common questions such as:

  • What will happen to my car? (Mr. Hutton can usually find a way for you to keep it).
  • Will I have to tell my family and friends about my bankruptcy? (NO).
  • Can you get the credit card companies to stop calling? (Yes!).
  • Is bankruptcy expensive? (NO)

Contact our office today at 850-215-3841 to get help immediately. After a free consultation you will have a much better idea of how bankruptcy can help you move on with your life. Or, browse our website for more details on foreclosure law, or the attorney profile.

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